Waxing - The Haynes St Esthetic Clinic

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which takes the hair from the root. Can be performed on most areas of the body. We use only the highest quality strip and hot wax to minimise redness and irritation.

The effects last for between 2-6 weeks depending on the individual, time of the year, area and how long you have been having the area waxed for. Warm wax is applied to the skin, hair is embedded in the wax which is then removed taking the hair with it.

Key benefits

  • Instant results
  • Leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft
  • Fast and effective

Pre-waxing advice

  • hair needs to be 6mm to 1cm in length in order to be able to remove effectively
  • Please arrive with no body lotion etc on areas to be waxed
  • If you suffer from ingrown hairs please exfoliate the day prior to a wax

Post-waxing advice

  • avoid heat treatments, such as saunas, strenuous exercise and chlorine for 24hours
  • Avoid tight clothing directly after a wax to stop irritation of waxed area
  • Do not use anything exfoliating directly on waxed area for 24hours
  • Avoid sun immediately after waxing