Henna Brows

Clinician applies paint henna on brow

This is a non permanent brow treatment, it is a great alternative to traditional brow tinting. It colours the skin as well as the hair so creating a longer lasting stain. The powder brow like finish lasts 7-14 days whilst the hair colour is up to 6 weeks.

It uses a natural plant pigment mixed with water.

Works best when combined with an Eyebrow Shape.

Perfect for:

  • Lasting longer than traditional tinting
  • Filling in gaps in over-plucked or sparse eyebrows
  • Saving time on your morning makeup routine
  • Grey or white hairs that just won’t hold tint
  • Those wanting more fullness to last but unsure of tattooing
  • Sensitive skins
  • Zero pain or downtime

Pre-Henna Advice

  • Ensure skin is free from any spray tan
  • Tell your therapist if you have any allergies

Post-Henna advice

  • Keep brows dry and free from makeup for 24hours
  • Avoid AHA products around the brow area
  • Do not use an oil based product on the brow